CBS Will Hold Upfront Presentation

CBS announced that despite the writers’ strike delaying its development cycle, it will hold an upfront presentation May 14 at Carnegie Hall in New York.

The move is in contrast with the strategy of NBC chairman Jeff Zucker, who, in his keynote speech at the National Association of Television Program Executives’ conference last month, called for the elimination of formal upfront presentations, which he said were a waste of time and money.

"We believe the big show is a vestige of the last decade. Every year, the big question at the upfront presentation of our new schedule is: How fast can the show be over?" Zucker said.

In its stead, Zucker advocated visiting the advertisers and ad agencies in person and holding smaller presentations.

NBC has not made a formal announcement as to whether it will hold an upfront this year or opt for the alternative suggested by Zucker at NATPE.

ABC and The CW will also hold upfront presentations, both in New York. ABC's will take place May 13 at Lincoln Center, while The CW will present May 15 at Madison Square Garden.

Fox, which consistently vowed to stick with an upfront, will unveil its fall slate May 15 at the New York City Center.