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CBS Television City Upgrades with Utah Scientific

Routing supplier Utah Scientific announced that CBS
Television City
in Los Angeles has
replaced five legacy routing switchers with a new UTAH-400/XL HD router, along
with associated control panels.

The digital router, with a 1056 matrix and the ability to handle
multiple signal types, supports an infrastructure expansion at the giant
production, broadcast, and transmission facility.

The UTAH-400/XL HD router, housed in a 1056x1056 frame, was loaded with
528 inputs and 528 outputs when it was initially installed but was soon
expanded to 528x563. It is supported by Utah Scientific SC-4 control software,
and a MC-4000 two-channel master control system with an MCP-2020 control panel.
The Utah Scientific master control system is used to insert graphics and lower
thirds into the network feed from New
York, which is then returned for distribution to CBS
affiliates nationwide. 

During the implementation process, Utah Scientific engineers worked
with CBS to customize several system features, including enabling preset of
multiple destinations on the soft panels and the addition of colored alert
lights to the hard panels so operators can instantly see whether the router is
working from the preset or the direct source. 

"With eight TV studios, CBS
Television City
is known as the best live studio facility around, and we do work for all the
networks as well as the top production companies," said Marc Hurd, VP of
technical and production operations for CBS Television
City, in a statement.
"We know we have a reputation to maintain, so when it came time to buy a
router, we wanted something robust, reliable, easy to maintain, and scalable
for the future."