CBS to Offer Second-Screen Features for Super Bowl XLVII Stream

For CBS' live stream of Super Bowl XLVII, the network will
be offering a variety of additional second-screen features, including
alternative camera angles, a live stream of the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime
Show featuring Beyoncé and immediate access to the Super Bowl commercials as
they are broadcast on CBS.

" will deliver an unprecedented multi-media
experience for Super Bowl XLVII," said Jim Lanzone, president of CBS
Interactive, in a statement. "We have developed a deeply integrated
second-screen environment that perfectly complements the television broadcast
of the game, from the pre-game show to the presentation of the Lombardi

Additional camera angles will include: a camera angle
providing a high, full-field view from the 50-yard line showing all players on
the field; a fan choice camera that will move during the game based on a
producer's choices or the results of audience polls; a sideline camera angle
providing field-level views; and a cable camera angle for aerial views.

Other features of "The Super Bowl on" include:
a pop-up, browser-based video console optimized for laptops, desktops, and
tablets offering CBS Sports' broadcast coverage of the game; DVR features to
pause and rewind events during the game; deep social integration with Twitter
feeds and other social media features; an interactive gallery of the Super Bowl
commercials; and extensive statistics and game highlights.