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CBS May Agree to Stream Past Seasons of Current Series

CBS, which has been very conservative in allowing its network programming to be viewed over the internet, says it is considering licensing episodes of past seasons of current series to companies like Netflix and Amazon.

On CBS’ third-quarter earnings call with analysts Wednesday, CEO Les Moonves said licensing those episodes of current series could generate “significant new high margin revenue for the company.”

Up till now, CBS has only licensed shows after they’ve been cancelled in order to preserve their value on the network and in syndication. Earlier this week, CBS agreed to license library programs to Hulu Plus. CBS, which opted not to be a partner in Hulu with  NBC, Fox and ABC, had previous not allowed Hulu to stream any CBS programming in the U.S.

CBS has previously made deals with Netflix and Amazon to stream library products.

Even with a change in its streaming strategy, Moonves said that CBS would maintain its position as the No. 1 network.

Moonves also said that its stations in New York, WCBS-TV, has sold a Super Bowl spot for about $1 million.