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CBS Expands EcoAd Advertising Program

CBS EcoMedia, the social-change advertising platform owned
by CBS Corp., is expanding its advertising program to nonprofits supporting education
and wellness, the company announced Wednesday.

Along with the original environmentally-themed "EcoAd"
program, "EducationAd" and "WellnessAd" are now options for corporations
looking to fund projects supported by nonprofit organizations with their ad

"We value the tremendous contribution EcoMedia has made not
only within CBS in growing our offerings to advertisers, but more
importantly to the numerous communities that have directly benefited from the
projects EcoMedia has implemented," said Leslie Moonves, president and CEO of
CBS Corp. 

EcoAd, EducationAd and WellnessAd programs are available to
clients across all CBS platforms, with logos placed on commercials to signify
advertisers who have provided funding for projects like solar power
installation, mobile health clinics and education scholarships.

Inaugural advertisers and nonprofit partners signed on
include General Motors, Chevrolet, Ronald McDonald House Charities and
Starlight Children Foundation.