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CBS Atlanta Uses Mogreet for Mobile

The Meredith-owned CBS affiliate WGCL-TV is launching mobile news and weather alerts using the Mogreet multimedia messaging (MMS) platform.

"Our viewers use their mobile devices as a companion for news and weather, and with this service, we are able to push content directly to consumers on their device, so they can receive the information they want instantly, without using their mobile browser to search for it, whether they live in the metro Atlanta area or anywhere in the country," said Steve Schwaid, vice president of digital content for Meredith Local Media, and director of news and digital content for CBS Atlanta in a statement. "We're a media company that reaches consumers through pictures, video, and audio, and we wanted to bring the same rich-media, broadcast television experience to consumers on their mobile phone. Mogreet's platform is guaranteed to best reach our customers anytime, anywhere, in a way that is both engaging and relevant."

Mogreet's platform uses MMS, which delivers video, picture, and audio content to virtually any mobile phone and any wireless carrier, and it provides the largest MMS reach in the mobile world.

Using MMS has the advantage of reaching a larger number devices, about 90 percent of mobile phone subscribers, because it does not require a smartphone, which comprise only a 23% of all phones, nor a data plan, is required to view multimedia content. Nearly every phone shipped in the past three years in the U.S. comes pre-loaded with MMS capabilities integrated into the device.

"Broadcasters are rapidly embracing mobile video as a way to captivate their audience, because it engages with consumers in a way that is similar to watching television, but has ubiquitous reach," noted James Citron, CEO, Mogreet in a statement. "Using MMS gives CBS Atlanta a competitive advantage because it provides an entertaining and engaging experience for their audience, as well as a proven vehicle for mobile monetization through the insertion of video ads.