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Canon Launches New Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

U.S.A. has introduced two new remote controlled HD pan-tilt-zoom camera
systems, the BU-46H outdoor and BU-51H indoor that were designed to
build on the success of its early BU-45H and Bu-50H systems in broadcast
and professional applications.The newest version of the cameras
includes a 2X digital extender to double the image size of distant
objects captured with the cameras' 20X Canon HD zoom lens. The cameras
also include a newly designed Night Mode feature and a built-in

Both the BU-46H and BU-51H are equipped with three 1/3
inch CCD sensors and come with Canon Auto Focus function and the
company's Image Stabilizer technology.

"Television and video
content creation of nearly every kind has transitioned to widescreen
16:9 aspect ratio HD," noted Larry Thorpe, national marketing executive
at the Broadcast and Communications Division of Canon U.S.A. in a
statement. "Specialized applications requiring versatile and
cost-effective remote-controlled HD pan-tilt cameras are no exception.
These applications include POV cameras for traffic and weather
monitoring, houses of worship, legislative chambers and many other uses"
for broadcast and professional users.