Canoe Rides Growth Wave in 2014

Canoe, the MSO-backed venture focused on dynamic ad insertion for VOD, steered itself into solid growth pattern in 2014, announcing that it achieved a better than 20% surge  in viewed ad impressions in each quarter.  

According to Canoe’s 2014 VOD Viewed Ad Impression 2014 Year-End Report, the J.V. floated 6.3 billion viewed ad impressions for the full year, led by 2.52 billion in the fourth quarter, 1.64 billion in Q3, 1.32 billion in Q2, and 803.84 million in Q1.  

Broken down by break, the vast majority of 2014’s impressions – 5.2 billion of them – were for mid-roll ads, compared to 674.4 million pre-roll ad impressions, and 360.8 million post-roll impressions.

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