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Canadian Operators Select WinCable Billing System

Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS), a provider of PC-based subscriber management and billing systems for the cable television industry, has announced that four Canadian operators have adopted to its WinCable subscriber management and billing system. The operators include FCNQ, Seaview Communications, South Island Cable and Switch, Inc.

"WinCable simply made sense for us," noted Switch's president Darren Hokanson in a statement. "It does everything we want it to do and more, yet it was the most cost-effective cable billing option we could find. The Window's-based software was easy to install and the transition was smooth, allowing us to be productive in no time at all."

"While dozens of operators select WinCable each year, the Canadian concentration is noteworthy and validates the growing demand for an easy-to-use, field proven billing cable solution in this region," added GLDS' vice president of operations Garrick Russell in a statement. "In this increasingly growing multi-screen, TV Everywhere movement, cable operators need a flexible and sophisticated, yet cost-effective subscriber management and billing system that crosses all services."

Separately, GLDS also announced that it has partnered with Momentum, a provider of private label digital voice services and broadband management to cable operators and municipalities, to provide OSS and billing integration. The partnership will provide a single solution that manages everything from order entry, to service updates including adding, suspending, restoring and, disconnecting modems. This will eliminate the need for disparate systems and allow operators to manage all of their services directly from the WinCable subscriber management and billing system.