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Cablevision Lawsuit Targets Verizon FiOS

Cablevision Systems has filed a lawsuit against Verizon Communications that seeks a judgement that will allow the cable operator to continue running an ad that challenges the telco’s claim that its FiOS service uses 100% fiber optics.

In the suit, filed Tuesday with the Southern District of New York and marking the latest legal battle between the competitors, Cablevision holds that in all or nearly all cases Verizon does not use fiber optic cable to deliver services in the home. And “in certain situations,” Verizon coax cable outside the home as well, Cablevision claimed.

Cablevision said it’s seeking a declaratory judgment that will allow it to continue running ads that states that Verizon’s FiOS service “uses regular cable in the home.” According to the complaint, the “Let’s Play True or False” ad features the following voice over: "Verizon claims they're all fiber optic. True or false? The answer is false."

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