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Cablevision Eyes Q4 for Addressable Ads Across Footprint

Cablevision Systems is planning to let advertisers deliver differentlocal ads -- based on individual household information, such as income-- to all of its 2.9 million digital subscribers in the New Yorkmetropolitan area starting in the fourth quarter of 2010. Withthe expanded the capability, the MSO continues to push ahead of therest of the industry on advanced TV advertising. Cablevision is amember of Canoe Ventures, a joint initiative with five of the otherlargest U.S. cable operators, which cancelled its first attempt to deliver zone-addressable ads nationally last year.

Last year, Cablevision commercially launched the cable industry's largest addressable TV advertising service with 500,000 subscribers in Brooklyn and The Bronx. The operator is working with targeted-advertising startup Visible World to deliver the ads.

Cablevisionhasn't identified which advertisers have used the targetingcapabilities. The system lets local advertisers deliver up to fivedifferent spots, segmented based on a variety of demographic criteria.For example, a wireless carrier could show one version of a spottailored to Hispanic households, while displaying a different one tosubscribers with teenagers.

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