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Cable-Tec Expo: Avail-TVN Puts Stamp On Dyanmic VOD Ads

Avail-TVN is launching a service to automatically insert a mark indicating ad-break opportunities in video-on-demand content -- alongside hard-coded ads measured in the Nielsen C3 window -- a feature aimed at greasing the skids for VOD dynamic ad insertion.

The company, one of the top U.S. distributors of VOD content, said its Advanced Advertising Insertion Marking (AAIM) service will let programmers pitch one copy of their free on-demand programs with both hard-coded ads and metadata indicating opportunities for dynamic ad insertion.

Currently, programmers embed VOD assets with ads to get credit for those viewed in the Nielsen C3 window (within three days of broadcast). To take advantage of dynamic ad insertion on Day Four, programmers have had to distribute a second version with SCTE-130-compliant markers indicating ad-placement opportunities.

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