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The Cable Show 2011: SeaChange and This Technology Deliver Joint Ad Solution

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SeaChange International and This Technology are launching a joint dynamic advertising solution with a single web-based interface to allow operators manage advertising campaigns across video-on-demand (VOD), Internet and mobile platforms.

The companies' solution, which combines SeaChange's Infusion Advanced Advertising Platform with This Technology's SpotLink software, allows operators to use existing broadband servers for placement decisions including dynamic pre-, mid- and post-roll ad insertion into VOD.

"The video advertising landscape is seeing a dramatic change with the integration of Infusion and SpotLink, effectively bringing together the worlds of traditional video with web and mobile," noted Malcolm Stanley, GM, disruptive technology and monetization at SeaChange in a statement. "Video operators now have a powerful new value proposition to offer advertisers: the ability to dynamically insert ads across their VOD, Internet and mobile platforms and come back with detailed reporting under a single campaign."

Separately, This Technology also unveiled its MetaWare product suite for programmers at the show, which it is billing as a complete platform for metadata authoring and distribution across VOD, TV Everywhere, nDVR and IPTV, and announced that NBCUniversal is using parts of the product suite.

The suite comprises MetaMore for Networks for asset metadata, SpotBuilder for Networks for ad inventory authoring and management, and SpotLink interconnect software.

NBC Universal is using MetaMore for Networks to manage distribution of on demand assets for on demand channels, and SpotBuilder for Networks to author ad inventory for all on demand dynamic ad insertion.

"MetaWare represents enhanced functionality, applicability and market positioning strategy for a proven set of products that we're packaging as a comprehensive suite to help programmers overcome the complexities and challenges of asset distribution and DAI management," said Jeffrey Sherwin, CEO of This Technology. "MVPDs have made significant progress in installing DAI systems, but programmers have been lacking a simple, cost-effective and efficient approach for communicating with these systems and maximizing associated ad revenue. This Technology's MetaWare product suite provides the complete platform programmers need to be successful in this market."

In another alliance, Nagra and This Technology will also be demonstrating synchronized, dynamically-inserted ads on traditional and second screens in an SCTE-130 environment.

The demonstration, which will be held at the CableNet exhibit during The Cable Show, will show Nagra's OpenTV advertising technology integrated with This Technology's dynamic advertising solutions.

"Consumers' desire to watch programming on multiple screens has never been greater, and along with this demand come opportunities for service providers and programmers to engage with their viewers over multiple devices - through programming and through advertising," noted Paul Woidke, SVP/GM of advanced advertising at Nagra in a statement. "At CableNET, with our business partner This Technology, we will be demonstrating these new multiscreen advertising opportunities and showing that a common back office scheduling and delivery mechanism across devices is truly the key to success."