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The Cable Show 2011: GLDS Intros New Workforce Management Platform

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Subscriber management and billing system provider, Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc. (GLDS), has launching a new integrated workflow management platform, WinForce Tech, which it will be demonstrating at the Cable Show.

James Cable is the first operator to announce deployment of the service. "Based on the functionality we've seen so far, we expect to eliminate most, if not all, technician calls to dispatch requesting help," said James Cable's COO Gil Nichols in a statement. "WinForce Tech does everything we need to bring front-line customer service to the field."

WinForce Tech provides technicians with details on all the work to be performed as well as the information they need on the subscriber, allowing technicians to manage many subscriber functions that have previously required a customer to call customer service.

The new platform is fully integrated with GLDS' WinCable billing and subscriber management system and is available as a native Android application, or as a web-enabled platform.

"WinForce Tech is about helping operators trade inefficient time spent with a customer for time that's more productive," said GLDS' President Garrick Russell in a statement. "Because WinForce Tech shifts a considerable amount of customer service power to the technician, problems are solved faster, follow-on paperwork is eliminated and the technician is better able to focus on customer service. Since the platform allows technicians to add premium content to an account, operators might even find an unexpected sales team in their technicians." 

Russell also noted that 15 new operators had added their billing and subscriber management solutions since last year's show.