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The Cable Show 2011: Bewkes: Put All TV On Internet

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Time Warner Inc. chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes had a simple solution for distributors and content owners worried about how new technologies and devices will undermine their business models: make everything available on any device at anytime.

Bewkes, who coined and has championed the concept of TV Everywhere for years, told an audience at the Cable Show 2011 here Tuesday that those worried about the impact of online video content and so-called cord-cutting, should just embrace technology and make everything available on any device.

"Put the TV on the Internet," Bewkes said at Tuesday's opening general session "Disruption Central: A Roadmap for Reward in a Shifting Marketplace." "Don't change the business model, don't charge people to use it and present it in a way that people are accustomed to."

Bewkes solution sounded much like Time Warner's own HBO Go product, which is available on any device to subscribers. But it seemed to resonate with other members of the panel.

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