Cable Industry Pitches Benefits Directly to Advertisers

Conducting the kind of niche targeting its programming is known for, the cable industry is pitching itself directly to procurement and purchasing executives at the top 50 TV advertisers.

The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau is spearheading this unusually aggressive campaign which centers on a direct mailing to advertisers and their ad agencies. The letter outlines the reasons to invest more of their TV dollars in cable.

“In this critical investing environment we wanted to get the same fact sheet about network cable advertising in the hands of each of the important constituencies that collaborate on the buy-side of the video advertising market,” said CAB CEO and President, Sean Cunningham.

With advertising dollars likely to be scarce in this year’s upfront, TV companies are trying harder than ever to win attention for their programming and to explain their value to advertisers. In addition to this latest initiative from the cable industry, CBS launched a marketing campaign on behalf of its own network brand. The network is running an unprecedented ad campaign across its line-up and is hoping to target thought leaders on its Sunday morning line-up with an effort titled, “Only CBS.”