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Cable Broadband Subs Surpass Cable TV Subs: LRG

The top 17 U.S. cable operators and telcos, representing about 93% of the market, signed on nearly 385,000 net new high-speed broadband subs in the second quarter of 2014, amounting to 130% of those added in the year-ago quarter, according to a new report from Leichtman Research Group.  

Those top providers now have more than 85.9 million broadband subs, with cable accounting for 50.7 million and the top telcos accounting for over 35.2 million.  

Of note: LRG found that for the top incumbent cable operators, excluding competitive overbuilder WideOpenWest,  the number of broadband subs (49.915 million) inched by the number of cable TV subscribers (49.910 million) for the first time. 

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