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BXF 3.0 Comes to LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing

Imagine Communications has released the 8.4 version of its LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing 8.4 software, which includes the ability to receive and electronically ingest commercial instructions using the Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF) 3.0 standard.

The new version was developed in partnership with Entertainment Communications Network (ECN), which delivers commercial instructions to broadcast media from ad agencies.

In the past, stations often had to manually enter those instructions, but the Version 8.4 with BXF 3.0 is designed to significantly streamline those efforts.

The technology was first announced at NAB for release in the second quarter of 2015.

“The new automated copy feature can yield significant efficiency gains for our LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing customers, improving productivity and reducing copy input mistakes and discrepancies,” said Sarah Foss, VP, product management, advertising management systems, Imagine Communications in a statement. “Manually typing copy instructions from e-mail or fax originals into the traffic system is now a thing of the past. LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing customers can electronically confirm and accept incoming instructions with a click of the button, and have a streamlined process for order updates.”