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BT Renews Intelsat Deal

Intelsat has announced that it has renewed and expanded a deal with the BT Group that will provide it with capacity and services on three Intelsat satellites in the Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America regions.
BT will use the satellite capacity to distribute programming from the BBC World Service. In addition, BT will have access to Intelsat’s teleport facility in Napa, California and the company’s terrestrial network, IntelsatOne®.
In a statement, Nigel Fry, head of distribution at the BBC World Service, added that “in today’s information age, our viewers want fast-breaking, high quality and reliable content at all times regardless of location. By partnering with BT and Intelsat, we know that we will receive a seamless, integrated solution and distribution platforms that enable us to reliably reach our audience around the world.”
The use of Intelsat 10-02 located at 1°W, Intelsat 805 at 55.5°W and Intelsat 19 at 166.0°E along with BT’s service offerings, will allow BBC World Service to increase its channel line-up and reach viewers in the Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas, the companies said.