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Broadway Systems Expands Cross Platform Capabilities

With networks looking for ways to better manage their growing cross-platform ad sales businesses, Broadway Systems has released a major update of ad management and traffic and billing platform that includes extensive new capabilities for those cross platform efforts.

In a statement, James Ackerman, executive chairman of Broadway Systems noted that “it is crucial for networks to have maximum flexibility, especially the ability to manage all of digital, VOD and linear advertising at the same time,” and that the new version offers “remarkable advances” that will “give our clients a commanding lead over their industry peers in the cross platform arena."

The release includes tools to provide non-linear sales for dynamic ad insertion for VOD and digital advertising and unified sales proposals across VOD dynamic ad insertion, digital and linear advertising.

Other notable features include the ability to combine linear and non-linear reports to share with agencies; revenue projections and actuals across cross platform sales; non-linear yield management to track deal performance; and an advanced VOD dynamic ad insertion interface with Canoe.

The partnership with Canoe will provide users simplified dynamic ad insertion, the company said, and will let them handle campaigns structured to target specific time periods and programs. It will also give them control over placement in pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and copy rotation instructions.

The improvements build on a number of existing advanced advertising features, the company said, including programmatic advertising, with a platform that allows user to manage all programmatic buying and selling through the single platform.