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Broadway Systems, Canoe Partner on Dynamic VOD Ads

Ad management software provider Broadway Systems has announced that it will be working with Canoe so that its clients can manage ad campaigns using dynamic ad insertion (DAI) in VOD programming.

The partnership capitalizes on the growing interest in DAI and VOD advertising as those capabilities become more widely available and programmers look to boost ad revenue by putting new ads into VOD content after the C3 or C7 window.

The Canoe set-top box VOD platform delivered over 6 billion impressions in 2014.

“We are thrilled to offer our clients the crucial opportunity to manage their dynamic advertising offerings through the Broadway Systems platform,” said James Ackerman, executive chairman, Broadway Systems. “As viewer habits continue to change, practices like dynamic VOD advertising provide a remarkable means of speaking directly to key demographics, enhancing the experience for viewers, and improving opportunities for networks and advertisers to reach their target audience. To be able to manage all advertising needs through a single, simple end-to-end system is invaluable and we are excited to partner with Canoe to make it possible.”

As a result of the integration, users of Broadway Systems’ non-linear proposal and deal interface will be able to access Canoe’s features to both send the campaign instructions and receive the reporting required for dynamic VOD advertising campaigns.