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BroadcastersSelect Level 3 For Royal Wedding

Six North American broadcasters and news channels, including CNN and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) have selected  Level 3 Communications, Inc. to deliver live, high-definition video feeds from the royal wedding on April 29th to their facilities in North America using Level 3's Vyvx Services.

"Two of Level 3's major European gateway facilities are located in London which, along with our transatlantic network routes, allows us to quickly and efficiently take feeds from the wedding and deliver them back to the states," said Mark Taylor, vice president of Content and Media at Level 3 in a statement.

Prior to the wedding, Level 3 will work with broadcasters to transmit coverage from a number of locations in and around London, including Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. On the day of the wedding, Level 3 will take live, HD feeds of the ceremony and transmit them via Level 3's transatlantic network routes back to the U.S. and Canada to broadcasters' headquarters.