Broadcast Pix Launches VOX

Broadcast Pix is introducing a new automation system, VOX, to produce voice activated video productions. The company is billing the system as a solution that eliminates the need for an operator during live productions.

The system works with any of Broadcast Pix's Granite, Mica, or Slate systems. It detects which microphone is being used and then based on that information, the software system switches to an good camera position and adds appropriate graphics without the intervention of an operator.

The system can be used for government and corporate meetings, interviews, video coverage of radio programs, television broadcasts, Internet streaming, and in-house projection.

"Broadcast Pix is known for integrated production systems that create compelling live video with minimal staff. Now, VOX can create great video with no operator at all," said Ken Swanton, president of Broadcast Pix. "It's a breakthrough in cost-effective production."

VOX integrates with Broadcast Pix's built-in Fluent Macros that can be programmed to select camera presets, roll clips and animations, add or remove titles, and execute such compositions as picture-in-picture for interviews.

VOX is already in use at Q-music, a radio network in Belgium and Holland, which used the system for live concerts and streamed video programming on the Internet.

Housed in a 1 RU chassis with eight microphone inputs, VOX includes camera control software for Panasonic and Sony robotic camera systems, and connects to any Broadcast Pix system via an RS-232 serial cable. Multiple VOX boxes can be cascaded to support up to 104 microphones.

VOX will be available worldwide in December 2011.