Broadcast Pix Launches Video Control Center 3.0

Broadcast Pix has announced plans for a major upgrade of its software for its Granite and Mica Video Control Centers, with a number of new features for touch screen and voice control, virtual sets and a tools to streamline workflows and simplify production.

The Video Control Center 3.0 software is expected to ship in March and will be demoed at this year's NAB.

"Video Control Center 3.0 provides more production control than ever to help our customers create great live video," said Ken Swanton, CEO of Broadcast Pix in a statement. "Not every TD [technical director] prefers a traditional control panel -- for many, our new comprehensive touch-screen controls are a more intuitive way to switch. We've also added support for VOX, our truly revolutionary product for voice-automated video production. Our virtual sets enable anyone to create their own look. And our new graphics automation is great for elections and sports, and it includes Daktronics integration."

Video Control Center 3.0 is available as a free upgrade to all Granite and Mica customers, with a Beta version is available for download at

Notable new features for the 3.0 software include the ability to a control production with touch-screen and voice automation.

As part of the new touch screen functionality, Broadcast Pix also announced a partnership with CyberTouch, to provide premium-touch screens to Broadcast Pix customers in North America.

The upgrade also includes features for easily customizable virtual sets and automated, dual-channel graphics that include Daktronics scoreboard integration.

The new touch-screen controls include joystick and knobs control for robotic cameras and picture-in-picture (PiP) box sizing.

The new virtual set software enables up to eight cameras to have virtual backgrounds plus three key layers on top for PiP, titles, and animated logos.

Video Control Center 3.0 also supports VOX the new voice-activated video production option and Fluent Rapid CG 2, which automatically integrates databases, RSS feeds, and custom action buttons into templates for the creation of data-intensive CG graphics.

As part of the upgrade the software will also support for Daktronics scoreboards, allowing all scoreboard elements to automatically update multiple Rapid CG templates at once.