BrevityLaunches Desktop Transport App

File-delivery specialist, Brevity Ventures has launched a new desktop app that will allow users to simultaneously transport, transcode and transfer files to and from any location with a computer.

The product is designed to speed up the movement of large files and make it easier for users to collaborate with each other during for such applications as TV and movie production and news.

"Brevity Desktop allows our customers to work with anyone without the need for any special hardware," said Kevin Norris, president and CEO of Brevity. "Brevity Desktop can send and receive any file to and from a Brevity Engine located anywhere in the world at impressive, accelerated speeds. Utilizing the combination of the Desktop application with a Brevity Engine allows customers to orchestrate complex production, post-production and distribution workflows in just minutes."

Along with the new app, the company also announced that it had been awarded a patent on its pipelined protocol technology that allows for simultaneous and concurrent compression, transmission, and transcoding of files.

"We have developed a truly innovative and unique approach for addressing the industry's most critical workflows," added Jossi Fresco Benaim, Brevity's CTO in a statement. "With our Brevity Engines, customers can move content from server to server, while simultaneously transcoding to any format, very quickly. With Brevity Desktop they can now send their content to anyone regardless of hardware."