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Brevity Gets Olympic Workout

To help streamline some of the complexities of processing and transporting graphics for its coverage of the 2012 London Games, NBC Olympics will be turning to Brevity, which is providing integrated transcode and transport support for graphics files.

"We have waited years for a company to address the bottlenecks we face in our complex graphic file workflows," said Philip Paully, director, graphics engineering and operations, NBC Olympics in a statement. "With Brevity, we can now render those graphics on the fly while seamlessly transferring those graphics files into the Avid DNxHD format for editing."

NBC Olympics will be using a new technology that Brevity first introduced to the market in April at NAB. This cloud based solution offers high speed transport of high-resolution video files to multiple locations while simultaneously transcoding on the edge, an approach that significantly speeds up processing of very high quality video files.

Prior to the April launch, Brevity worked for months testing and refining the solution for NBC requirements.

As a result of the deployment, NBC Olympics is now able to move a one-minute RLE file to the Avid editing solution in under 30 seconds. Brevity's parallel processing capability also allows the broadcaster to processes hundreds of RLE graphics files in an hour.

In addition, Brevity recently introduced encoding of Avid system files directly into EVS Broadcast formats, saving even more time for EVS playout of finished sports programming or segments.

The solutions from Brevity will be used at the International Broadcast Center and multiple venues in London to handle terabytes of video graphics.

"Brevity is transforming the way simultaneous transport and transcode will be handled in file-based workflows in the future," Timothy O'Brien, CEO, Brevity noted in a statement.