Bob Mueller Retires From JVC

JVC Professional Products Company president Bob Mueller has announced his retirement from the company.

He was hired by JVC in 2000 to lead its professional products company.

"Bob has been planning his retirement for some time," said Mr. Junji Kobayashi, president, JVC Americas Corp. in a statement. “He delayed his final date to support JVC with many business projects, but is finally ready to begin his 'new' life. We want to thank Bob for his 14 years of leadership at JVC and wish him an enjoyable retirement."

"JVC Professional Products Company is composed of an amazing, talented and motivated team. JVC Professional's financial condition is the strongest in its history," Mueller added in a statement. "While the past 45 years in this industry have been a great run, a few more life adventures await. It's time to embark on them."

The company reported that a "formal succession plan is currently under review."