BlackArrow Lets VOD Ad System Talk To Other Campaign Managers

BlackArrow is introducing software that will let TV programmers use their existing advertising campaign management systems to place national ads in video-on-demand content with cable operators using the vendor's VOD ad system.

BlackArrow's Ad Router technology, along with a new Business Suite of tools, will let service providers offer programmers an expanded menu of options for controlling and managing their ad inventory. With the new products, national cable networks or local ad-sales organizations can use third-party ad systems (or the BlackArrow Campaign Suite) for fulfillment of ads across a service provider's multiple platforms -- including emerging IP-based video services.

BlackArrow did not specify which third-party ad systems the Ad Router will work with. Last year, the company added a set of application programming interfaces, or APIs, to its core VOD ad system designed to make it easier to automate the flow of VOD orders from existing third-party linear or online ad systems.

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