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Binging Losing Its Cool

New York – Binge watching, a buzzword just a few years ago and one of the catalysts of subscription video on demand in its infancy, is starting lose its cachet according to a panel of top media executives at a Paley Center for Media event Thursday.

While binging on entire seasons of shows in one sitting isn’t going away entirely, it no longer appears to be the badge of honor that it once was, said Discovery Communications’ group president Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel Rich Ross said at the Paley Center for Media’s 2015 Paley International Council Summit.

“About six months ago, you stopped hearing about it that way and there was a return to this obsession and fascination with watching something and being able to talk about it the next day,” Ross said. “To me it is what is fueling a lot of my ratings, where I realize it matters to them that it was on Wednesday night and it did not have to be an event like Shark Week, it could be an episode of Alaskan Bush People.”

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