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Beachfront Helps OTT Talent ‘Rise’ on Big Screens

Expanding on its mobile video roots, Beachfront Media has launched a technology and service platform designed to help online video creators extend their offerings to a wide range of TV-connected platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Opera TV and Amazon Fire TV.

That new service, called Rise, isn’t a consumer-facing brand, but is in place to enable OTT creators and “influencers” to easily and more rapidly extend bridges to new, and increasingly-popular consumer-based platforms, Frank Sinton, founder and CEO of Beachfront Media, said.

Many of these creators, which have leaned on services like YouTube to gain a presence, are becoming media studios in their own right. Rise, he said, provides the technology, including advertising systems, to help them create and manage content for a multitude of screens and reach larger audiences.

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