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BBC America Restructures Programming Schedule

BBC America is restructuring its programming schedule to clarify for advertisers where they should buy spots.
It will now program each night to target one specific demographic; previously each night contained programming aimed at a mix of demographics.

The move comes as the upfront ad-buying process begins and after BBC Worldwide Americas named Garth Ancier to be president of U.S. operations.

Each nightly primetime block is getting its own name, and will be programmed with both existing and new BBCA fare:

Mondays become "Murder Mondays," and feature thriller programs, including co-production Wire in the Blood and Murphy's Law.

"Tuesday Nitro," will feature with male-targeting reality and drama, including new acquisition MI-5.
"Wicked Wednesdays," will run female-focused shows including Footballers Wives and new acquisition Goldplated. "Big Thursdays," will focus on characters, including reality shows from Gordon Ramsay and talk shows from Graham Norton.

"Crime Scene Fridays," will focus on procedurals including new co-productions Whistleblower and The Innocence Project.

"Supernatural Saturdays" will feature science fiction shows, including new co-production Jekyll.
"Adventure Sundays" will program action dramas, including Robin Hood, as well British movies.

BBCA, which is distributed by Discovery Networks, averaged 71,000 viewers in prime during February, down 9% from last year.