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BBC Adopts Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

In a major
U.K. deal, BBC is deploying Adobe's nonlinear editor Premiere Pro CS5 on 2,000
desktops around its operations, making the software the public broadcaster's
primary tool for desktop nonlinear editing.

The deal is
part of the BBC's Creative Desktop Initiative, which the public broadcaster
launched in 2007 to improve workflow efficiency, reduce costs and help create a
tapeless production environment. The adoption of Premiere Pro CS5 will also
make it easier for the BBC to repurpose content to a variety of platforms,
including its extensive online operations.

"By moving
to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software, the BBC will be able to boost efficiency by
working with software that is integrated with their core systems and supports
rich metadata for content repurposing that can result in new revenue steams,"
said Adobe's Vice President and General Manager of Dynamic Media Jim Guerard in
a statement.