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Bannister Lake, Compix Integrate Social Media Products

Bannister Lake and Compix have announced that they've integrated their social media products to create a complete system to bring social media posts on-air for broadcasters and TV channels.

As part of the partnership, Bannister has integrated its BL TweetOut Nano solution with the Compix SocialBrander.

The combined products allow users to search for trending conversations on Twitter and Facebook, filter out unwanted data, approve
message content and put the content on-air.

As part of the process, social media messages can be
completely customized with an existing on-air style and designed so that they include sponsors' logos and taglines.

The combination makes it "now entirely affordable to
leverage social media to build brand recognition and revenue by integrating social media content into broadcasts and other digital media operations," said Georg Hentsch, Bannister Lake's president, in a statement. "The marriage of SocialBrander and TweetOut nurtures instant audience engagement through a sleek on-air look while opening new revenue streams for broadcasters and network operators."