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Azzurro HD Selects T-VIPS

T-VIPS America has announced that Azzurro HD, a New York-based provider of video transmission services, has recently purchased T-VIPS' TVG450 JPEG2000 Video Gateways. The technology will be used to provide a real-time contribution link for HD video streams over IP for Glenn Beck's online HD video network, GBTV.

The solution is being used to transmit video between GBTV's CRM Studios in Irving, TX to Azzurro HD in New York. As the program is being fed live to New York from the studio in Texas, Azzurro's Network Operations Center provides a backhaul to Texas in real time.

"Transporting HD video over IP using the T-VIPS Gateways is a great way for our customers to control costs while providing consistently high-quality HD video," said Mark C. Lowden, VP of sales for Azzurro HD, a division of The Azzurro Group, in a statement. "Both the hardware and bandwidth are fixed expenses."

Lowden also noted that the solution was "always on 24/7, 365 days a year" and that it allowed them to provide "GBTV with a highly reliable and efficient way to broadcast live HD video."

TVG450 Gateways utilize JPEG2000 wavelet compression technology for the transport of compressed 3G, 3D, HDTV and SD television signals over Gigabit Ethernet links and are designed for real-time contribution and distribution of broadcast-quality video over IP networks. They also support lossless and visually lossless compression.