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Azteca America Moves to KJLA

Azteca America is powering up is Spanish-language programming on KJLA Los Angeles.

Southern California License, LLC, which had carried the programming on KAZA TV there (Azteca America is a minority owner in the station), sold that spectrum for $91 million in the FCC incentive auction, but signaled it would me opting to share with another station in the market post-auction, retaining its public service obligations and must-carry/retrans rights.

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TV stations that sold their spectrum but signaled to the FCC they would stay on the air through such sharing agreements have until Jan. 23 to start sharing or go off the air, although they could get extensions of that date up to six months (through July 22).

Azteca programming will retain full HD carriage on cable and satellite operators serving the market, according to the company. Those are Spectrum Cable, Charter, DirecTV, Dish, Frontier, AT&T U-Verse, and Cox.