AT&T's U-Verse Universe Expands to 10.7M Subs

Comcast pulled off a rare feat when it added 46,000 video subs in the fourth quarter of 2013, but that total was dwarfed by the video numbers posted by rival AT&T.

AT&T added 194,000 U-verse TV subs in the fourth quarter and 924,000 for all of 2013, extending its TV total to 5.5 million. And the telco didn’t miss the opportunity to boast about it.

“Some companies are excited about actually gaining customers; we added almost 200,000 subscribers in the quarter and nearly 1 million for the year, plus we had our lowest TV churn ever in the fourth quarter,” AT&T CFO John Stephens said on the company’s earnings call Tuesday.

AT&T also added 630,000 U-verse broadband subs in the period, giving it a record of 2.7 million adds for the year, and broadening its  grand total in the category of 10.4 million. With traditional DSL losses factored in, AT&T lost 2,000 net broadband subs in the fourth quarter, but managed to gain 35,000 broadband subs for the full year, ending 2013 with 16.42 million.

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