AT&T U-verse Subs Push Past 11.3 Million

AT&T said it ended the first quarter with 11.3 million U-verse subs (TV and high-speed Internet) following the addition of 201,000 U-verse TV subs for a total of 5.7 million in the category.

AT&T ended 2013 with 10.7 million U-verse subs and 5.5 million TV customers.

AT&T said U-verse broadband scored a first quarter net gain of 634,000 subs, giving it seven consecutive quarters in which it had more than 600,000 net adds, noting that U-verse high-speed subs now represent more than two-thirds of all wireline broadband subs, versus 51% in the year-ago quarter. About 60% of U-verse broadband subs now take a plan offering speeds of 12 Mbps or more.

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