AT&T Sheds 262K U-verse TV Subs, Adds 235K Satellite TV Subs in Q4

AT&T said it shed about 27,000 traditional net pay TV subs in Q4 2016 amid a loss of 262,000 U-verse TV customers and a gain of 235,000 satellite TV subs during the period.

AT&T, which has been deemphasizing U-verse TV and favoring the lower-cost DirecTV platform, ended 2016 with 21.01 million satellite TV customers and 4.25 million U-verse video subs.

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AT&T also confirmed that the DirecTV Now launch in November resulted in more than 200,000 paid net adds during its first month in service, which enabled AT&T to generate total video sub growth in Q4. 

Video ARPU for Q4 was $129.25, up from $129.59 in the year-ago period. IP broadband ARPU came in at $49.69 in Q4, versus $47.22 a year earlier.

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