AT&T Plays Ball With LTE Broadcast

AT&T said it will host its first live, on-site trial of LTE Broadcast technology during Monday’s College Football Championship matchup between Oregon and Ohio State at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.  

More bandwidth-friendly than unicast streaming, LTE Broadcast uses a dedicated portion of spectrum to deliver live video that can be captured by a multitude of compatible mobile devices that are within range of the signal.  

"LTE Broadcast is a new mobile network technology AT&T is currently exploring enables the delivery of content directly to all users with compatible devices within a designated timeframe and area,” John Donovan, senior EVP of AT&T Technology & Operations, noted in this blog post about the test. “It could be used to distribute a wide range of content including music, video, and software to specific areas within our LTE footprint, such as a single sports stadium.”

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