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AT&T Expands U-Verse Second Screen Features

AT&T's U-verse has announced that it is expanding the number of second screen features available to users and that it is bulking up the amount of on-demand premium and TV content available through the U-verse app.

"The second screen complements and enhances TV by letting viewers explore and have a deeper experience with the content they care about, on the device they use most." said Jeff Weber, president of content and advertising sales, AT&T Home Solutions. "With our U-verse apps, you can pull up more info about shows, share about what you're watching, and whether you're in or outside the home, you can access compelling content. And it's included as part of your U-verse TV packages."

As part of the changes, the expanded lineup of on demand premium and TV content available through the U-verse Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch now includes HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Encore, Movieplex and Music Choice videos.

The telco is also introducing several new features that are designed to provide a more converged TV and wireless experience. As part of that effort, user now have the ability to link their iPads to their U-verse TV receiver via the AT&T U-verse App.

That makes it possible to access a variety of content and scores from various leagues for the day's games, a review of yesterday's games, and information on who is playing tomorrow. Additional sports features are expected to be added in the future.

The upgrades also include the ability to share information about what a user is watching with friends on Facebook, and Twitter through the AT&T U-verse app for iPad.

In addition, users are now able to use their iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote to control your U-verse TV -- a feature that was previously available only on the iPad app.

AT&T is also adding additional content to, including live feeds from Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.