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AT&T Entertainment Chief Touts Content

With its pending deal to acquire Time Warner Inc. currently winding through the regulatory approval process – which apparently won’t require a Federal Communications Commission nod –AT&T Entertainment chief John Stankey told an industry audience Monday that content will drive the telco’s future.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stankey said that AT&T’s future depends on not only owning distribution pipes, but some of the water flowing through them, too.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Stankey said that AT&T must listen to its customers – who are consuming video at a growing pace – or face irrelevance.

“Our previous course and direction failed to value customers when they really craved appreciation,” Stankey said, according to THR. “We offered them prepackaged solutions when they craved customization. We perfected the model of offering customers more for more [when in reality] they want more for less."

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