AT&T CEO: U-verse TV Churn 'Will Improve'

Gains at DirecTV weren’t enough to overcome losses at U-verse TV in Q4 2015, but AT&T’s top executive doesn’t expect that trend to continue as the company shores up its newly combined sales channels.  

“The sales channel is just really starting to get their legs underneath them on how to attach satellite and mobility together,” AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said Tuesday during AT&T’s earnings call, noting that the company has been focusing its marketing efforts on driving satellite net adds, causing U-verse churn to rise. “Also keep in mind that we don't even have the installation workforce up to speed on provisioning this, so we're just getting the installation and workforce up.”

Churn for U-verse TV “will improve,” he predicted. “We think the subscription numbers get better as we go through the course of the year.”

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