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AT&T AdWorks Absorbs DirecTV Ad Business

AT&T wants the business world to know that, with AT&T completing its DirecTV acquisition, it has merged DirecTV Advertising Sales into the AT&T AdWorks business, under AdWorks president Rick Welday.

Top-line highlights include AdWorks now offering AddressablePlus, which combines DirecTV's addressability (12 million homes) with the targeting approach of AT&T's TV Blueprint, reaching 70 million homes when other existing affiliated pay-TV providers are included. On their own, the combination of DirecTV and AT&T U-verse reaches 26 million homes.

“The combination of 12 million addressable DirecTV homes with the 70 million homes in the TV Blueprint audience network puts us in a unique position,” Welday said in a release. “We will continue to reduce wasted spend in traditional national TV ad buys and provide best-in-class post campaign measurement to prove it.”

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