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ATSC Seeks Testing Input for 3.0 Standard

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Oct. 10 called on industry experts to weigh in on their testing experience with ATSC 3.0, the next-gen broadcast TV transmission system for over-the-air delivery of 4K resolution and other advanced TV features.

ATSC will use the input to help better inform its Conformance Test Suite Development and Conformity Assessment programs for the suite of standards behind ATSC 3.0, specifically to assure interoperability between receivers and broadcast content.

The four areas ATSC is looking for feedback on are coding, transmission and reception; data and metadata; interactivity; and security. ATSC’s request asks for feedback on test suite and automation, test result formats and administration, and version management. ATSC also hopes to develop policy on third-party assessments with the feedback.

“The ATSC expects TV stations to begin testing in earnest in 2017, with early U.S. market deployments in the first half of 2018,” said ATSC president Mark Richer, in a statement. “To help achieve the highest quality user experience and to assure interoperability, the ATSC and other industry groups have a keen interest in the development of test suites and tools.”