Atlas Selects Innovid

Innovid has announced that Atlas Solutions has selected them as their technology platform for the delivery of advanced video advertising.

"Agencies today are struggling to find the true ROI of a marketing action across their different channels, while also lowering costs," said Erik Johnson, head of Atlas. "Adding Innovid's advanced video platform to Atlas' server will address this challenge head on by providing agencies with meaningful analytics across all platforms in advanced formats – all on one centralized platform."

As part of the agreement, Atlas and Innovid will work together to deliver addressable and interactive video ads to Atlas' clients.

Atlas, which offers an ad server and measurement platform for marketers and agencies, will also use Innovid's insights to deliver data and analytical tools and to integrate billing systems.

"With the proliferation of connected 'screens' delivering TV content and ads, advertisers are in need of a platform that will harness the power of digital video advertising while mitigating its complexity," said Zvika Netter, CEO and cofounder of Innovid in a statement.