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AT&T Waiving Wireless Overage Charges for Voice, Data & Text

AT&T said Sunday that for the next 60 days it is waiving all of its domestic wireless overage fees for customers nationwide, and making it retroactive. 

AT&T said that any overage past March 13 will not entail a charge if it is "incurred because of economic hardship related to the coronavirus pandemis." The company had already waved the overages for home internet, but now it applies to wireless voice, text, and data, both residential and small business. 

"I don’t think any of us have ever experienced a situation quite like this one," said AT&T CEO Jeff McElfresh. 

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The company also said it is doubling its paid leave from 80 hours to 160 and adding a new category to covered employees--the primary caregiver for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 and who is unable to provide self care. 

Already covered are parents or guardians of children whose schools or daycares have closed and with no other daycare option, employees over 60 or with underlying health conditions, and those who have tested positive with the virus.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told CNN Sunday (March 22) that it has about 20,000 employees currently on leave, as distinguished from those who can work from home.