Arris, WES, Concurrent to Demo Adaptive Power Tech

Arris Group, WES and Concurrent are on tap to show proof-of-concept demos of new adaptive power technologies at next month’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans.

Those proof-of-concepts, said to be the first to demo the Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specifications (APSIS), tie into SCTE Energy 2020, an initiative that has identified targets that include a 20% reduction of power consumption on a unit basis, a 25% reduction in energy costs on a unit basis, a 10% reduction of grid dependency and an optimization of technical facility and data center footprints by 20% Defined in standard SCTE 216 2015, APSIS enables cable operators to measure and control energy consumption associated with delivery of services. The standard defines software interfaces that allow energy measurement and optimization applications to command and control devices within a service delivery pipeline.

Among the demos, WES and Concurrent will show the use of the Concurrent Thinking command and control DCIM software in cable, including the ability to communicate with and control IT hardware, the use of APSIS standard communication protocols to monitor conditions and exercise control, and the ability to measure energy utilization, savings, operating times and efficiencies. A case study from the duo will demonstrate nightly demand turn down and associated facility energy savings obtained.

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