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Arris: ‘Holding Our Breath’ On Comcast/TWC Deal

NCTC Winter Educational Conference—Based on analyst predictions that Arris is the supplier with the most to gain in the wake of last week's proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, one might think that the vendor is jumping for joy.

Think again. Both of its feet are firmly on the ground, careful not to exude overconfidence about those future prospects. Arris, said company chairman and CEO Bob Stanzione, is “holding [its] breath” to see how the deal might affect spending later this year, wary that TWC might decide to pull the purse strings tighter during this coming period of uncertainty.

“Vendors are doing a wait and see on what’s going to happen here,” Stanzione said Tuesday during an on-stage chat with Rich Fickle, the president and CEO of the National Cable Television Cooperative, an organization that negotiates technology and programming deals for about 900 independent cable operators.

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