Arris Guns for Global Growth

International opportunities will play a major role in Arris’ future and pave the way for growth, the telecom supplier said Wednesday at its investor day in New York.

"We are focusing intensely on international,” Bob Stanzione, Arris’ chairman and CEO, said. “We’re structured to gain international share,” he added, a reference to the new corporate makeup of Arris following its acquisition of Pace plc in January. 

Ron Coppock, who leads Arris’ international sales team, discussed how the company will be targeting the international opportunity. For starters, it’s a bigger market – the U.S. represents about 104 million subs, while the rest of the world represents about 721 million.

“That’s our opportunity in a nutshell,” Coppock said, noting that it involves not just cable operators, but a mixture of telcos, satellite and wireless service providers.

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