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Apple Reissues Apple TV Software Upgrade

Apple reissued a software upgrade for its Apple TV platform Monday after pulling back an earlier version originally sent out Friday (Sept. 20) that contained glitches that resulted in slow or completely clogged downloads, lost content, and even rendered some devices unusable.

The new release, Apple TV Software 6.0, has since been reissued, bringing with it several new features, including iTunes Radio and AirPlay over iCloud, an enhancement that lets Apple TV customers use their iPhone or iPad to playback iCloud-purchased content on Apple TV devices owned by another consumers,according to Apple Insider.

According to 9to5mac, the earlier, buggy version of Apple 6.0 caused a portion of devices to be "permanently bricked" or to lose the content during the update.

Apple is adding new features to the device as the Apple TV continues to latch on pay-TV friendly components, including authenticated plug-ins for Watch Disney, Watch Disney XD, Watch ESPN and HBO Go.

Apple has sold about 13 million Apple TV units.